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WWC Sprint

Developing RFPs (GPL 012)

Start Date: February 20, 2020
Duration: 8 weeks

*This course is available to cities with an upcoming social service RFP they would like to workshop with GPL over eight weeks.*

Procurement is one of the most powerful tools in a city’s toolkit. By creating data-driven relationships with service providers, cities can improve provider performance and outcomes for residents. Writing a results-driven Request for Proposals (RFP) is the first step in establishing this data-driven relationship. In this Sprint, led by the Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab (GPL), up to six cities will work with the GPL, week-by-week, to apply results-driven contracting strategies to an upcoming human services RFP. The Sprint will begin with training on results-driven contracting strategies, including examples from the GPL’s work with cities. In the following weeks, cities will draft problem statements, outline goals, establish performance metrics, develop scopes of work, and identify evaluation criteria to effectively write a results-driven human services RFP.

What RFPs to Workshop
Cities should select an upcoming (target RFP release after Q2 2020) human/social services RFP for this sprint. RFPs could focus on homelessness, affordable housing, workforce development, veterans services, senior/elder care services, family support services, early childhood/youth services, anti-violence services, or behavioral health services.

Recommended Audience: Cities should designate between 2–4 city staff members (with ideally one procurement staff and one program staff from the RFP-issuing agency) who will be involved in drafting and reviewing the scope of work for the selected procurement to attend.

Time Commitment: ~ 3 hours/week, including participating in calls and completing assignments for each week.

Achievable Criteria: 3 Results-Driven Contracting criteria
- Your local government defines strategic goals and desired outcomes for key procurements, contracts, and/or grants.
- Your local government measures outcomes, impacts, and/or cost-effectiveness for key procurements, contracts, and/or grants.
- Your local government structures procurements, contracts, and/or grants to align the vendor’s incentives with the local government’s strategic goals.

Start Date: 02/20/2020

  • Developing RFPs Sprint Pre-Survey
  • Introduction to Results-Driven Contracting Webinar on Feb. 20, 1-3 ET
  • Webinar Participation Link
  • Links to GPL Resources
  • GPL Results-Driven Contracting Solutions Book
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed