When and How to Join the Webinar

February 26, 2021, from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm EST.   CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SESSION.

**UNMUTE:  You will be muted upon entry into the session. When you would like to speak, look for the microphone icon and click to unmute yourself; mute it again when you are done speaking. 

The recordings of the session will be posted on this webinar's page. 

Below are more ways to join the conversation: 

  • Traditional phone conference call

Dial 1(301-715-8592) OR 1(646-876-9923) and use the Meeting ID: 925 2701 7359

**UNMUTE:  You will be muted upon entry into the session, dial *6 to unmute yourself, dial *6 again to mute when you are done speaking.

  • One-tap mobile number is available for those that would like to use a cell phone to enter the call.  Your cellphone can recognize the sequence below and guide you into the call. 

+13017158592,,92527017359#        or       +16468769923,,92527017359# 

  • If you have a webcam but prefer phone audio:
  • Navigate to https://zoom.us/j/92527017359
  • Look for the microphone icon, click the arrow to the right, and choose switch to phone audio OR Look for “join audio” at the bottom and choose ‘phone call’
  • Dial 1(301-715-8592) OR 1(312-626-6799) and use Meeting ID: 925 2701 7359
  • Participant ID is optional and recommended; this option syncs your computer video with your phone audio so that you do not appear in the participant list twice. 

**UNMUTE:  You will be muted upon entry into the session, dial *6 to unmute yourself. Dial *6 again to mute when you are done speaking. 

  • SPECIAL NOTE: In some cases, it may be beneficial to join via computer and phone even if you do not have a webcam.  The computer login will allow you to see the facilitator screen and participate non-verbally, while the phone gives you the opportunity to participate verbally. In that case, use the information above to log in on a desktop or laptop and then call the number below to participate vocally. 

Downloading Zoom

We will be using Zoom for our virtual live sessions and webinars. Please allow 10-15 minutes prior to joining the virtual meeting to make sure you have Zoom downloaded to your device. Visit this link to download the latest version of the Zoom Client for Meetings software. If you already have Zoom installed on your computer, please make sure you have the latest version installed. For more on how to upgrade or update Zoom, please visit this link. The personal basic (free) plan is sufficient for participation in course sessions.