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Comms for Cities: Chief Executives Edition (WWC Sprint 007)

WWC Sprint


Start Date: June 10, 2019
Duration: 4 weeks
Chief executives’ public commitment to driving progress by using data is one of the strongest predictors of a city’s success in building a well-managed local government. That’s because leaders are uniquely positioned—at the helm of City Hall and in the public spotlight—to set, drive, and build support for a strategic vision. And at every step, public communication has a key role to play. Whether your city is just getting started on using data or already has compelling examples of impact to share, communicating your progress is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate your government’s commitment to delivering results. This Sprint, led by What Works Cities Senior Communication Manager Kristin Taylor, will introduce you to best practices in the field and examples of how other chief executives have put them to use effectively. You’ll also learn about a range of communications tools at your disposal—from owned and earned media to public appearances and speeches—and help you brainstorm ways to start using them in your own city.


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