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Data Management

Foundations of Open Data (DM 201.4)


START DATE: October 30, 2019
- Duration: 4 Weeks
- Expected time commitment: up to 5 hours per week, on average
- Weekly virtual live session: 1 hour each week during the course, Monday at 2 pm. EST, starting November 04.
- Introductory virtual live session October 30th at 2:30 pm EST
- Check our FAQ for more details: https://govex.academy/faq
Is your city a part of What Works Cities? You may be able to take this course for free. Enter your coupon code when signing up. If you’re not sure whether your city is a part of What Works Cities, please email govextraining@jhu.edu
This online course, developed by the Center for Government Excellence at Johns Hopkins University, will teach you how to evaluate Open Data platforms and engage communities in the use and analysis of public data. Drawing on best practices from successful Open Data programs, you will create strategies to strengthen your own Open Data work. Most importantly, you will be able to effectively manage Open Data programs within government organizations. By the end of this course, you will be able to:
- Understand the key elements of a successful Open Data program and apply them;
- Recognize and mitigate privacy, security, and confidentiality risks;
- Begin to develop components of an operating plan for your Open Data program;
- Grapple with an array of technological considerations and determine the best solutions; and
- Participate in or lead an Open Data program within a government organization.
This course aligns with the following What Works Cities Certification Criteria focused on Data Governance. The full list of criteria can be found at https://medium.com/@WhatWorksCities/5c514f1dff1b.
- Your local government maintains a detailed and comprehensive data inventory that makes its data more discoverable and accessible.
- Your local government maintains a documented list of data governance responsibilities and meets at least quarterly to carry out those responsibilities.
- Your local government has and carries out documented policies or practices to improve data quality.
- Your local government has documented policies or practices to protect privacy and confidentiality.

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  • Welcome to the Course
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  • Week 1: Fundamentals of Open Data
  • Week 1 Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Week 1 Readings and Resources
  • Week 1 Video Lecture: An Introduction
  • Week 1 Video Lecture: What is Open Data?
  • Week 1 Video Lecture: History of the Open Data Movement
  • Week 1 Video Lecture: Benefits of Open Data
  • Week 1 Quiz
  • Week 1 Forum: Introductions
  • Week 1 Assignment: Assessing Open Data for Your City
  • Week 2: Data Governance
  • Week 2 Overview and Learning Objectives
  • Week 2 Readings and Resources
  • Week 2 Video Lecture: What is Data Governance?
  • Week 2 Video Lecture: Data Governance Structures
  • Week 2 Video Lecture: Documenting Data Governance Structures
  • Week 2 Quiz
  • Week 2: Forum - Data Governance
  • Week 2 Assignment: Draft Data Governance Plan
  • SUBMIT Week 2 Assignment: Draft Data Governance Plan
  • Week 3: Privacy & Confidentiality
  • Week 4: Technologies & Prioritizing Datasets for Release
  • Final Assignment Submission 100d
  • SUBMIT Week 4 Assignment: Draft Data Inventory Plan
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed