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Open Data Policies - MAR 2020 (WWC Sprint 017)

Start Date: March 17, 2020
Duration: 4 weeks

Public policy is essential because it demonstrates public commitment to lasting change. An open data policy should establish formal governance processes to make public data-sharing institutional and sustainable. Open data policy can not only help cities establish what data will be public or kept private, but can also help build public trust by demonstrating the city’s commitment to lasting transparency and accountability. Cities can go one step further and use the policy-drafting process to begin engaging residents in a conversation about what open data they would like to see. Join the Sunlight Foundation for this quick Sprint that will lead you through the process of generating your own open data policy.

Recommended Participants: City staff, particularly from cities just starting out with open data

Achievable Criteria: Participating in this Sprint will help your city achieve or partially achieve an Open Data Criterion:
- Your local government has a publicly available, codified open data policy that commits to data transparency and proactive public disclosure of local government data and data practices.

Start Date: 03/17/2020


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