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Exploring the Opportunity Atlas (OI 001)

Exploring the Opportunity Atlas

Thursdays, March 11, 2021 – April 1, 2021
Duration: Four Weeks
Session Length: 60 mins, starting at 12pm EDT

“Exploring the Opportunity Atlas" is a What Works Cities Sprint in partnership with Opportunity Insights. Economic research shows the impact of neighborhoods throughout the United States on the long-term outcomes of children who grow up in them. The Opportunity Atlas combines parents’ and children’s incomes across generations with neighborhood data to explore what factors are influencing the economic mobility potential of American children. The Atlas is a critical tool for cities to have at their disposal and can be used to help them answer questions related to residents’ economic mobility—in fact, the Opportunity Atlas was used by What Works Cities to support cities as they design and implement economic mobility projects as a part of the WWC Economic Mobility Initiative. You can see the Atlas in action in Dayton and Tulsa.

This four week course is designed to teach city staff how to navigate local data contained in the Opportunity Atlas to better inform economic mobility policy and practice. The opportunity is tailored to local policymakers’ and practitioners’ needs with an emphasis on practical applications. A series of interactive lessons will cover how the Atlas data are sourced and interpreted, how to download and customize Atlas data and maps, and how to leverage this data to inform decision-making. Participants will specifically explore the Atlas to identify economic mobility trends in their own community and will have an opportunity to work with experts to consider how Atlas data can inform local policies and initiatives.
The course runs for four weeks, meeting once a week for one hour to explore the Atlas and engage in corresponding group discussion. Participants will also get access to a series of in-depth technical tutorial videos on how to use the Atlas.

Participating cities will join a four-session online learning opportunity to cover the following content:

Webinar #1: Preparing to Use the Opportunity Atlas
Webinar #2: Using the Opportunity Atlas
Webinar #3: Exploring National Patterns on the Local Level
Webinar #4: Case Study – Using the Opportunity Atlas to Support Local Housing Mobility
Post-webinar surveys and supplemental readings

Recommended Participants:

People who work within government in a range of capacities: city and community leaders, and anyone interested in learning more about how to make their city more equitable and data-driven. There are no prerequisites for taking this Sprint, however, we highly recommend that cities complete a WWC Assessment as the first step of their journey to becoming well-managed local governments.

Register by March 10 2021

Start Date: 03/10/2021


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