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Self-Guided Online Course

Exploring the Opportunity Atlas (OI 00V1)

“Exploring the Opportunity Atlas" is a self-guided course from Opportunity Insights. The course is comprised of a series of lessons that cover how the Atlas data are sourced and interpreted, how to download and customize Atlas data and maps, and how to leverage this data to inform decision-making. Participants will specifically explore the Atlas to identify economic mobility trends in their own community and will have an opportunity to work with experts to consider how Atlas data can inform local policies and initiatives.

Participants who complete the course will have a portfolio of customized local maps as well as a completion certificate.

Total Time Required for Completion: 5 hours
Suggested Time for Completion: 4 weeks
Course Opening on July 15th

*** Upcoming Office Hours: Wednesday, August 18th, 4:00-5:00 ET.**
Zoom Link: https://harvard.zoom.us/my/opportunityatlas

All course components are self-guided, but optional monthly instructor-led office hours will be offered to allow participants to ask questions or share insights. Instructors are also available by email for the duration of completion.

Start Date: 07/15/2021

  • Pre-Course Resources
  • Exploring the Opportunity Atlas Course Teaser
  • Pre-Course Survey
  • Course Introduction and Information
  • Syllabus
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Opportunity Atlas
  • Module 1: Preparing to Use the Opportunity Atlas
  • Module 1 Learning Objectives
  • Module 1: Preparing to Use the Opportunity Atlas
  • Module 1 Review
  • Module 1 Discussion Forum
  • Tutorial: Using Advanced Mode
  • Module 1 Application: Making Your Own Maps
  • MODULE 2: Using the Opportunity Atlas
  • Module 2 Learning Objectives
  • Module 2: Using the Opportunity Atlas
  • Module 2 Review
  • Module 2 Discussion Forum
  • Tutorial: Compare Mode
  • Module 2 Application: Making More Detailed Maps
  • Vox Video: Does My Neighborhood Determine My Future?
  • Module 3: Exploring National Patterns on the Local Level
  • Module 3 Learning Objectives
  • Module 3: Exploring National Patterns on the Local Level
  • Module 3 Discussion Forum
  • Tutorial: Overlaying Data
  • Module 3 Application: Overlaying Data On Your Maps
  • Getting Started Overlaying Data on the Opportunity Atlas
  • State-Level Housing Data for Atlas Overlay
  • Module 4: Case Study for Policy Application
  • Module 4 Learning Objectives
  • Module 4: Case Study for Using the Atlas for Local Housing Policy
  • Final Brainstorm Question
  • Final Wrap-Up & Other Data Resources
  • Exit Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever